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Since 10 years the undisputed market leader of Europe!

We wish all the best to our Customers for 2012!

CommCard's success story started with a newly devised marketing tool for inline magazines and newspapers. It was clear that the graphic world was looking for new possibilities to pull in advertisers. Our marketing tool offers the advertising world a completely new impetus. The response results are extremely interesting!

Since 2001, thirty machines have been sold throughout Europe for gravure printing and the newspaper industry. In 2005, a second generation of the machines was developed, which means among other things that the machine can be set without "tools". New software and hardware have greatly improved the nucleus of the machine. For example, there are now possibilities for feeding the card path automatically and it is ready immediately for production. It is also possible to guide the transverse beam electronically to the intended location where the cards are being glued.

The quality of our service is well-known and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CommCard has also developed a number of accessories. The most important one is definitely the CommCard TVS®. This machine connects the card path to the card adding machine in one fluent movement, which will make card path breaks a thing of the past. An uncoiling unit has also been developed for adhesive notes.

CommCard owns many patents to protect its machines.

CommCard is fully geared up for the future and continues to develop machines for the graphic industry. 

Within 3 years marketleader in Europe!

CommCard TVS
Commcard G2

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